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Why it could be my initial quote, not to mention the charges, I don't even know. They CALL ME KNOW my container was to be delivered on Saturdays between N and N hour to be let by me. My pickup of the container would be around 10/2/17, which places me at another month's rent, which is not my fault. Here's the actual kicker though: they will deliver to the speech, my relative's home. They had the incorrect email address, so I never received any info, although it turns out the initial purchase was listed. Upon entry of the square footage from the PODI decided that I would need more place and called back to ask to bring a 7' POD to my arrangement that was existing for a 16' POD. We started a new order. 500 for both pods for delivery and storage charges plus a re-delivery fee for the 2nd pod after the first one was picked up (that I had been to only be billed for 1 pod which was shipped). If you cherished this informative article in addition to you would like to obtain details concerning moving companies chicago prices generously visit the site. 5 miles off but never was informed of those fees. 180 delivery charge, also, never revealed to me.

Called 9/20/17 to confirm delivery of container to address. On account of their understaffing and lack of customer support, HOA fined me because pods required five days to pick up They Are container. PODS sent someone out to look at it but they are not able to fix the door onsite. It just covers the true POD although you are warned to find insurance. When delivering the POD my lawn was ruined by them. Placed the POD at a place that was difficult to load. We (my spouse, the new owners of this property) tried to clarify that the only real place to set another POD was in the front of the first POD. First my home was struck at by the driver with all the POD. First off, this had been a costly option, although it made the most sense - we were moving from one side of the country to Arkansas, remaining with a relative while we hunted for a home.

I was not advised that pickup from that business is first come first serve. I am warning everyone in south Florida relating to this firm. With only a few drivers at Florida the provider is unable to meet any deadlines which their customers have. I have to talk to anybody and I have probably talked to 20 individuals. Still waiting to get my call and calling my energy and time being placed on no transfers that are warm and hold and having to repeat myself again over the transfers. I told them the seller on the phone told me that the 1st month was free due to a special that month they needed. When I was on the phone with the rep (who was alright ), he asked me I would be moving to. My request was refused again, although I asked for escalation, I was told by them that they emailed the Little Rock PODS centre.

For I'm sure it won't be long until somebody corrects the number of customers, be cautioned PODS you've CHEATED! I've got a family, and all our possessions must be here in CA together. I'm here working, anyhow with most of my household things nonetheless in Toledo. Im frustrated, it does not seem that this has gone well, and that I still am not close to getting my things. In my perception, I was still charged the charge for the larger one.They refused to pick up container once I needed them . After phoning again to get it delivered, 10/12/17 Container was delivered. Delivered the second POD anyway. For using the POD for 13 days, because the times spanned two 17, 205 and they don't prorate as a coverage. Then once it dropped off they told me that they couldn't pick it up. I moved with my loved ones across country and they handed me.

They were way earlier than they said waking up the entire neighborhood before 7am with the copy horn of this truck After the POD reached its final destination. 2400 I paid to move the POD) That's extortion! SHAME ON YOU PODS for creating my transfer a living nighmare. I said that it was not useful to discover that out now, I had the money back in my card to use it for my transfer. Because I promise one regret it never rely on them! PODS is a disorganized, greedy business that does not care in the slightest about their clients. Once I contact PODS, I can't seem to get a straight answer. It appears everyday I receive:a new bill from PODS". The pricing has tripled to get my own POD delivered. So now I'm not likely to get my things ( if it comes today ) before 9/30/17!

Obviously it was going to be professional." . Obviously I did this. Because of the extra time it required to be delivered, I was unable to simply load it, which costed more time. However, I had been advised that I'll be charged for it. Inducing expenses to be incurred by them due their equipment malfunction and inconveniencing the consumer make sense doesn't it? 1. When POD came and has been picked up from my house in NY the trucks equipment ruined our driveway. I wasted some time being home waiting to ensure it'd be delivered/ picked up. 10/16/17: empty container had been picked up. I had to change my own container to a smaller. Called 9/29/17 and Lesha spoke, and she stated the container had abandoned Toledo on 9/27/17 because that had been the date, and that it would not arrive before 10/11/17!

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