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{"My wife and I have been passionate about education being a gateway for upward mobility and equality," Long said. "I think we can all agree that equity in education can help effect change that we all want to see in this country.

Nearby, 29-year-old Wilmary Gonzalez ushers her three young children into their darkened home. The light blue glow cast by a tarp donated by a church to cover half their roof has already dissipated. The other half of the roof is slabs of recycled zinc that Jose Luis Gonzalez pieced together for the family, along with broken pieces of wood to create makeshift rafters with jagged edges that jut out at random angles. FEMA has not given them any assistance.

15, but normality remains far off. Ricardo Rossello promised in mid-October to restore 95 percent of electricity delivery by Dec. This is life in Puerto Rico more than three months after Maria destroyed the island's electrical grid. Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority says its system is generating at 70 percent of normal but it has no way of knowing how widely electricity is being distributed because the system that measures that isn't working.

"Every team wants to get to the point where no matter who is healthy, who is not, you come out and play your best," Popovich said. "We've done that quite often and tonight is another good example of that.

MOROVIS, Puerto Rico (AP) - Three days before Christmas, Doris Martinez and daughter Miriam Narvaez joined their neighbors in a line outside city hall in Morovis, a town of 30,000 people still living without electricity in the mountains of central Puerto Rico more than three months after Hurricane Maria battered the U.

(AP Photo/Brandon Dill) 23, 2017, in Memphis, Tenn. Los Angeles Clippers guard C. Williams (9) drives against Memphis Grizzlies forward Brandan Wright (34) in the first half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec.

Kevin Durant had 18 points and six rebounds in a particularly poor shooting performance for the typically efficient NBA Finals MVP. He was 6 for 17 and missed all five of his 3-point attempts as the Warriors shot 38.

Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol (33) moves for position against Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan (6) as Grizzlies guard Tyreke Evans (12) moves the ball down court in the first half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017, in Memphis, Tenn. (AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

"You have to make the effort because as you can imagine, I have debts to pay, a daughter to maintain and another one on the way," she says as she taps some powder on a woman's nails to prepare them for an acrylic artificial set.

A little after noon, Arelis Navarro steps out of her nail salon to restart her car. The hood is open, and Navarro, 38 weeks pregnant, has connected an inverter to the battery and plugged in a cluster of extension cords, lights and a fan for her salon.

Orr (72) after being called for a foul during the first half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Denver Nuggets in Oakland, Calif. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) questions referee J.

I read that with your Threat basketball program your goal is to get the girls ready for the high school level. What do you find girls are lacking to play on Varsity at the high school level? Lisa: Yes it's much more obtainable now.

Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler (21) shoots against Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) and forward Kevin Durant (35) during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

It would be completely irresponsible if he did. "If we weren't playing Cleveland on Christmas and I told you Steph hasn't even played in a 3-on-3 game, hasn't had any contact at all and the game was 48 hours from now, you would say that 'Steph's not going to play,' but because it's the magnitude of the game and everybody wants to know, but we can't let that affect our judgment," Kerr said.

For instance, at their elementary or middle school, generally there are going to be more boys playing ball at lunch time. It's hard to find a pick-up game where you can go to the park and there are ten girls playing basketball. That is one of them, that boys still generally start earlier, but the other one is boys have more avenues to play when it's not on a team. Renard: Yes, I think its two things. Or you can go to the park and find a pick-up game and there's plenty of boys games, but girls, there's not as many games.

For the kids, trying to get in a situation where if you're not the best one on the team, do not be intimidated by that because you can leapfrog a lot of players just by dedication. Some parents want to coach but they sometimes just need to support and let the kids figure it out because they are just kids and it takes time to learn. Also support your daughter more than coach your daughter. Renard: For the parents and the girls I would say ask questions. Sometimes as a parent it can be tough, because there's a natural element of being a little biased to maybe your daughter or your daughter's team, but the more you can ask questions and find out what is out there, the better as perspective you will gain and honesty is the key for the parents.The chapters of the book cover 39 life lessons and how to apply leadership to any field of business or coaching. It is simple, honest and true. It is a very easy to read book that has life lessons that everyone can take something from. Each chapter is broken down into three parts: Pre-game, Game-time, and Post-Game. In lesson thirty, here is a quote that I love: "Remember, great leaders develop other great leaders".

Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Carson Wentz and former teammate Jordan Matthews went to Haiti on a mission trip in May. Other athletes showed their generosity in various ways. Wentz later announced he was helping build a sports complex in that country.

The Nets snapped a four-game losing streak with its second home win over Washington in 10 days. Spencer Dinwiddie had the hot hand out of the halftime break, scoring the Nets' first 11 points of the second half on the way to 15 in the third quarter.

"I live for moments like this," she said. William's jumper with no time remaining in overtime lifted Mississippi State to a 66-64 win over Connecticut in the national semifinals, ending the Huskies' 111-game winning streak. Morgan William wanted the ball, got it and made history. Mississippi State led by as many as 16 points, then found itself trailing by three late before William delivered the dagger.

The Nuggets won 96-81. Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant, left, is fouled by Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

Klay Thompson donated $75,000 to fire relief efforts by giving $1,000 for each point he scored during a three-game stretch. Members of the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors jumped in to help after wildfires scorched the West Coast in October. The Oakland Raiders organization gave $1 million and the Raiders, Warriors and 49ers combined on a donation of $450,000.

Hunter Renfrow, a former walk-on, made the catch with 1 second left that gave Clemson a win over Alabama in the College Football Playoff championship game. The 2-yard scoring toss from Deshaun Watson gave the Tigers a 35-31 win over the Crimson Tide, in a championship rematch where the sequel was just as good as the original.

Memphis Grizzlies guard Tyreke Evans (12) attempts a three point shot against Los Angeles Clippers guard Milos Teodosic (4) in the second half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec. The Grizzlies won 115-112. (AP Photo/Brandon Dill) 23, 2017, in Memphis, Tenn.

(AP Photo/Brandon Dill) Williams (9)shoots against Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks (24) in the first half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec. Los Angeles Clippers guard C. 23, 2017, in Memphis, Tenn.

Schroder, who didn't play on Friday night because of an ankle injury, matched his season high with 13 field goals and was 4-for-8 on 3 pointers. He added seven assists and three rebounds to help Atlanta break a two-game losing streak and sweep the season series against the Mavericks.

Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield (24) drives to the basket against San Antonio Spurs' Kyle Anderson (1) and Pau Gasol during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif. , Saturday, Dec 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Steve Yeater)

But we basically just dribbled the clock out. "I thought we were looking for the 3, which we wanted, but we also could have gotten a quick 2. "I didn't like the last play at all," the Clippers coach said.

Over 30,000 residents of that mountain town wait for the restoration of electric power service, one of the last municipalities of Puerto Rico that remains completely in the dark more than three months after the passage of Hurricane Maria. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti) 21, 2017 photo, Doris Martínez receives supplies and water from municipal staff outside the City Hall in Morovis, Puerto Rico.

Army Corps of Engineers has said it likely won't be until May that all of Puerto Rico is electrified. A study conducted Dec. 3 million people remained without power. 11 by a group of local engineers estimated roughly 50 percent of the island's 3.

Golden State Warriors guard Patrick McCaw, left, shoots against Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic (15) during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

Lisa: So it sounds like girls aren't starting to work on these skills until middle school instead of elementary school, and boys are working on these skills in elementary school, so what do you attribute that to?

Gasol played after being listed as doubtful before the game with left hip soreness. The hip has bothered him since the closing seconds of a Dec. He said it was sore enough when he woke up Saturday that he questioned whether he would play.

Carlos Beltran, who retired after winning the World Series with the Houston Astros, started a fundraiser to help victims by donating $1 million . Several other major leaguers, including Yadier Molina and Enrique Hernandez, also joined in with their own campaigns.Neighbors start blowing out candles and turning off generators as they go to bed around 9 p. More than three months have passed since Hurricane Maria. 21, 2017 photo, barrio Patron resident Karina Santiago Gonzalez works on a small power plant in Morovis, Puerto Rico. , having nothing else to do in the dark except sleep (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

Portland Trail Blazers forward Maurice Harkless reaches for a loose ball during the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. The Trail Blazers won 95-92. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray (27) celebrates after scoring next to Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. The Nuggets won 96-81.

But if you take the time to analyze the large majority of successful people, organizations, companies or teams, you will find that their overall success is a byproduct of simply doing the right things on a daily basis.

The Astros winning their first World Series was one of the biggest sports stories in 2017 for the AP. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File) 1, 2017, file photo, the Houston Astros celebrate after Game 7 of baseball's World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles.

He talks about coaching at Texas Pan-American as the head men's basketball coach / athletic director at the age of 29, and elite eight appearance in his second year at Kansas State, a final four appearance and team record of 29 wins at University of Florida, a Big Ten title for Illinois, and a Sweet 16 appearance for the "Running Rebels" of UNLV. Coach Kruger has made it an "art" when it comes to rebuilding college basketball programs. He also discusses his two and a half year coaching job with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and how they were fired mid-season. He does a great job of weaving his own basketball coaching experiences into examples that show leadership and the ability to improve performance. He doesn't pull any punches in this book.

Williams, traded by Houston in the offseason as part of the blockbuster Chris Paul acquisition, scored 32 points. Rivers and Williams combined to shoot 13 for 24 from behind the arc to offset another breathtaking performance from Rockets guard James Harden, who posted his second consecutive 51-point outing.

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar) Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) argues a call with referee Derrick Stafford (9) during the first half against the Cleveland Cavaliers of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows just the uniforms are enough to get everybody going - and this marked the third straight Christmas matchup between the franchises, alternating home floors based on who won the title.

"It was incredible to see how people from all over the country, people from all over the world, people from all different backgrounds, all different communities came together to support a city and a people that were having the toughest time of their life," Watt said.

The bottom line is that you just have fun while you are doing it. You can play with as many players as you want on whatever type of court you want. You can play whatever way feels best for you with whatever rules you want. So, no matter how you play basketball it is the right way as long as you have the ball and hoop.

Renard Beavers, El Camino Real assistant Girls basketball Coach and Head basketball coach for Threat Basketball teaches female athletes of all ages the skills they need for middle school, high school and college levels of basketball. At El Camino, Renard is instrumental in helping keep the speed of the game at a fast pace and prepping the players to be looked at for college scholarships. Threat is a travel team that offers year-round training.

Renard: Yes, since so many girls are playing now, that means there's a lot of training going on too. I think a lot of the younger players are not being taught the strategy as much as the skill of the game. They know about ball handling drills and defensive slides and a lot of individual aspects of the game, but the strategy of the game is a lot of times overlooked. A lot of girl's today can shoot, dribble, pass, and play defense. The good and bad thing about basketball is you can play a basketball game and as long as everyone is running back and forth and no one is double dribbling or traveling, it can seem like a successful game, but there's a lot more strategy involved with cutting, when to cut when to get open, when to guard, when to not guard.

"Very few coaches have been able to change cultures as quickly and successfully as Lon Kruger. That is arguably his strongest trait. He understands how to mold a group of individuals into one team with a common goal and has proven that time and time again. Lon has high standards for all those around him and he possesses a passion for winning, but not at any cost.

Moreover, he is a good man. When you mix leadership with passion and integrity, you get Lon Kruger. It does not surprise me that he has been a proven winner time and time again. "Lon Kruger is one of the finest leaders of young men I have ever witnessed in nearly a quarter-century of covering college basketball for CBS.Forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson had 21 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, and swingman Caris LeVert had 17 points and six rebounds as six players scored in double figures to power Brooklyn's rout of Washington.

Added information may be provided by charting the number of times the offense advances the ball into front-court and fails to obtain a shot. These charts record the number of times ball possession is gained in backcourt but the ball is lost before crossing the center-line. Center-line Advancement.

Open title this summer, but this 25-stroke point might have been the gem. Instead, Stephens went on to capture the title. Stephens was serving down 4-5, 30-30 in the third set to Venus Williams in the semifinals, and needed a backhand winner down the line to help her eventually hold. Had that shot missed, she would have faced match point. It's hard to pick one play that stood out for Sloane Stephens in her ride to the U.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23)argues a call with referee Gary Zielinski (59) during the first half against the Golden State Warriors of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Clark shot 7-of-11 from the field and made 5-of-7 3-pointers. DeMarcus Cousins finished with 16 points, seven rebounds and eight assists and Anthony Davis scored 17 points as the Pelicans swept their back-to-back set in Florida games after their win Friday at Orlando.

, Saturday, Dec 23, 2017. Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph (50) shoots over San Antonio Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Steve Yeater)

He also sold his home in Cleveland, at last cutting ties to his former life. Brown needed some time to unwind after a whirlwind summer that followed a frenzy of a finish to Golden State's championship season.

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez) 22, 2017, in Oakland, Calif. Los Angeles Lakers forward Julius Randle dunks past Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Dec.

Eric Gordon made a 3-pointer after that before Los Angeles made the next seven points. Rivers led the team in that span, too, scoring the last five points to tie it at 74 with about five minutes left in the third.

I personally think they just want the protests to end because it's hurting their bottom line. "I question their intent behind it. "I give kudos to the NFL for wanting to step up and help us with regard to systemic oppression," 49ers safety Eric Reid said.

Julia Duquette's only goal of her senior season at Plattsburgh State in upstate New York is one she'll never forget. Duquette's shorthanded goal with 20. 7 seconds left in regulation pulled the Cardinals into a tie with Adrian in the NCAA Division III women's hockey final - and Plattsburgh would go on to win it in overtime for its fourth consecutive national championship.

Gasol had 14 points, 11 rebounds and a season-high 10 assists for San Antonio, which won without star forward Kawhi Leonard. It was the 10th career triple-double for the 7-footer, who was questionable with a groin injury but wound up getting extended minutes because Sacramento had two big men on the court most of the night.

There is also no out of bounds in beach basketball. The ball is moved down the court instead by passing or 2 1/2 steps. Beach basketball is played on a circular court with no backboard on the hoop. There is no dribbling because it is too difficult on the sand.

After Kevin Durant's dunk pulled Golden State into a 102-102 tie with Miami with 11. He knew exactly what he was going to do. 7 seconds left, Waiters took the inbounds pass, coolly brought the ball upcourt, made a move on Klay Thompson and delivered a straightaway 3-pointer that gave the Heat a win - punctuated by his striking an arms-folded pose afterward, one that quickly became part of Heat lore. Dion Waiters was in no hurry.

Trail Blazers C Jusuf Nurkic was inadvertently backhanded by Randle on a layup in the first quarter. He had four points, two rebounds and one assist before exiting, and did not score again despite returning late in the second quarter. Nurkic was down on the court for several minutes holding his face.

Variety is one of the things that makes basketball such a popular sport. With all the ways to play the game it is no wonder that people all over the world are playing the game. That's true no matter who they are, how old they are or what limitations they may physically have.

This is one of the basketball fundamentals. Rebound charts and miscellaneous charts are discussed in this article. The work of the basketball coach will be made more effective if he keeps charts of each game.

Recording the type o£ officiating calls made by each official can suggest the type o£ game to be played. If blocking calls are excessive, players can be instructed to drive a great deal. Few fouls called under the basket may indicate a rougher type of rebounding play. On the other hand, if charging calls predominate, defensive players can be instructed to jump freely in front of drivers.This range makes the players have to work to develop their shot while not crushing their hopes by having the rim too far out of reach. is probably not necessary. Other high-end systems like Spalding's Arena View line, Goalsetter basketball systems, and others can adjust to much lower heights; some systems can even go as low as 5. High-end systems that have this range include Mammoth Basketball Hoops, Goalsetter Basketball Systems, and Arena View Basketball Goals. While such a low height is much easier to shoot on, 5. Most youth recreational leagues start players shooting an a rim height of 7-8 ft.

I'm guessing it is not as appealing to the girls, only some girls. Of course, they could always play with the boys, but I guess that is not going on as much at lunch time and at the park.

For instance, most players will not be able to recognize the difference between an acrylic rebound and a polycarbonate rebound. Glass, for all intents and purposes, has no absorption of the basketball's impact; so, a player developing their game will be able to more easily fine tune the bank shot on a glass backboard than a backboard made of the other materials. Amongst the other materials for a backboard, their is not has much difference in quality of rebound.

(AP Photo/Tyler Drabek) Oklahoma guard Trae Young shoots over Northwestern guard Bryant McIntosh during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in Norman, Okla.

Government crews reconnected a handful of areas in Morovis over the weekend for the first time since the storm, but in the hundreds of neighborhoods and towns without power this holiday season, people are alternately despairing, furious, resigned, and sometimes in disbelief that the United States remains unable to help restore power to its citizens more than 90 days after a natural disaster.

The Lakers, who trailed by as many as 23 in the third quarter before getting within 84-72 going into the final 12 minutes, briefly took their first lead of the night at 89-88 on Randle's 3-pointer with 7:43 remaining.

30, 2017, file photo, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson goes to the basket during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles. Members of the defending NBA champion Warriors jumped in to help after wildfires scorched the West Coast in October. The Oakland Raiders organization gave $1 million and the Raiders, Warriors and 49ers combined on a donation of $450,000. (AP Photo/Ryan Kang, File) Thompson donated $75,000 to fire relief efforts by giving $1,000 for each point he scored during a three-game stretch.

The Bucks tied it on dunks by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton and took the lead on Eric Bledsoe's layup. After Walker gave Charlotte a 104-100 lead with 2:24 remaining, Milwaukee held the Hornets scoreless the rest of the way.

Insufficient offensive or defensive rebounds can suggest areas of rebounding work in practice. If the number of defensive rebounds is not in close proximity to the number of missed shots by the opponents, stress should be placed on block-outs and other defensive rebounding techniques.

The Celtics led by a point when Jaylen Brown hit a pair of 3-pointers to start and finish a 12-0 run over 2:49 early in the quarter, breaking the game open and sending the Bulls to their second straight loss after seven wins in a row.

I personally loved the book and will reflect back to it alot in the coming years. Go to Coach Kruger's website to learn more about it. It gives you things to think about and if you can take one or two things from the book then it would be worthwhile as a basketball coach. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

There are plenty of rec. Renard: Well, I think the level of commitment is definitely growing. leagues and travel teams, and there are a lot of schools that have teams, so it's becoming big. College basketball has helped a lot with getting girl's more interested in playing basketball as well as the WNBA.

It was Harden's third 50-point game this season and he became the first player in franchise history to have two straight 50-point games. He's the first NBA player to score 50 or more in consecutive games since Kobe Bryant did so in four straight in March 2007.

"I'm not really sure where the movement heads after this, but I know we made some progress by getting some funding for some inner-city programs and things that we care about, different social programs and things like that," Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said. "So, I think we made some headway.

Informal basketball really is not an actual name for a type of basketball, but it is used here to simply describe the type of basketball that most people play - basketball where you are just playing for the fun of the sport.

22, 2017, in Oakland, Calif. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball (2) vie for a rebound during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Dec. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)Japan's Kei Nishikori has withdrawn from the season-opening Brisbane International tournament as he continues to recover from a wrist injury, the event's organizers have said. The 27-year-old was ranked ninth in the world before sustaining the season-ending injury ahead of the Cincinnati Masters in August and has been out of action for more than four months, dropping to 22nd in the rankings.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, right, smiles as he talks with the team's director of corporate communications, Lisa Goodwin, before an NBA basketball game between the Warriors and the Denver Nuggets in Oakland, Calif.

FILE - In this June 25, 2017, file photo, Jordan Spieth, right, celebrates with caddie Michael Greller after Spieth holed a bunker shot on a playoff hole on the 18th hole to win the Travelers Championship golf tournament in Cromwell, Conn. (Brad Horrigan/Hartford Courant via AP, File)

Mavericks: Wesley Matthews, who leads the team in 3-pointers with 79, didn't hit one until there was 7:28 left in the third quarter. Dallas is 1-5 in the second game of back-to-backs. Dallas was just 9 for 33 from beyond the arc after making 17 of 35 in Friday's 113-101 loss at Miami. Matthews went 1 for 7.

it's difficult not to capitalize on that. "Coaches, players, media - everyone tries to figure out a reason for that. "This season has been difficult," Barnes said. Playing these nights where we have 30 assists, or offensively we get it going, or Dirk has a good game going .

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum shoots over Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. The Trail Blazers won 95-92.

Schroder shot 10 of 14 in the second half, 4 for 5 on 3-pointers, and Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was convinced the young German motivated himself by scoring his team's first seven points in the third quarter to tie it at 55.

One of these accessories is a hoop chute (also called a personal rebounder or a back-atcha chute). This mechanism allows a player to shoot more shots on average for a set period of time than if the player had to rebound their own shot. Many basketball accessories exist to help a player practice on their own. Only a couple will be considered here. This accessory attaches to the bottom of the the rim and functions to direct the ball back to the shooter.

Klay Thompson scored 15 for the Warriors but was 6 for 21 overall and 1 of 10 on 3s as Golden State went just 3 for 27 from deep. A night after posting his first career double-double with season bests of 20 points and 10 rebounds, Warriors rookie Jordan Bell contributed seven points and 10 rebounds.

Government officials say they are counting some suicides as part of the official death toll because people across Puerto Rico have become so desperate in post-hurricane conditions. 21, 2017 photo, Inocencia Rivera, mother of Eduardo Gonzalez, a man who committed suicide three weeks after the passage of Hurricane Maria, receives the night in her balcony, surrounded by small, solar powered Christmas lights and a Puerto Rico flag, in Morovis, Puerto Rico. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

His history of success in college basketball is even more impressive when you realize he has repeatedly revitalized programs all while operating strictly within the rules. "Lon Kruger helps to set the bar for integrity in our profession. We all have something to learn from him. Lon is a coach�s coach.

0 points over his seven previous Christmas Day games. Warriors: Durant averaged 32. Thompson's holiday sneakers might have stood out most: neon green on the left foot, neon pink on the right. Kerr began his pregame session by thanking all of the arena staff and Golden State employees for their service and for working on the holiday. The Warriors were 10 of 37 on 3s after they went a dismal 3 for 27 from 3-point range in losing to the Nuggets. Golden State played its fifth consecutive Christmas game and seventh in eight.

Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo runs into Charlotte Hornets' Nicolas Batum, left, while driving to the basket during the second half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Dec. 22, 2017, in Milwaukee.

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar) Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dwyane Wade (9) drives to the basket against Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

He says a relative who lived across from him took his own life three weeks after the hurricane. The governor also recently ordered a review of all deaths reported since Maria amid accusations that the official death toll of 64 undercounts the true toll. Every night he takes six pills for depression and back pain. No note was left, but government officials say they are counting some suicides as part of the official death toll because people across the island have become so desperate amid the destruction left by the storm.

FILE - In this Friday, Aug. McGregor stepping into the boxing ring to face undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. (AP Photo/John Locher, File) 25, 2017, file photo, Floyd Mayweather Jr. , left, and Conor McGregor face off during a weigh-in in Las Vegas. was one of the biggest sports stories in 2017.When a player enters the game, his initial is placed on the line under the name of the player he is replacing along with the score and time remaining. Player Combination Charts. This chart records each combination of players throughout the game, the time played by each player and combination, and gives a view as to the combination of players achieving the best results.

Juan Angel Napout of Paraguay, former head of South American governing body CONMEBOL, and former Brazilian soccer chief Jose Maria Marin were convicted of corruption charges brought by U. A New York jury on Friday found two former South American soccer officials guilty of taking bribes in exchange for the award of valuable marketing and media rights to international matches, the first trial verdicts in a U. probe of world soccer's governing body FIFA.

The Trail Blazers won 95-92. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum, left, shoots next to Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec.

The Hornets won thanks to free throws, as they attempted 40 free throws to Milwaukee's 17. Michael Carter-Williams' two free throws with 8. 4 seconds left pushed a two-point lead to 107-103 and then Kemba Walker tacked on four more free throws in the final six seconds.

"Schroder was fantastic tonight. He made that run almost by himself. "We shot the ball pretty well. We were moving the ball pretty well," Nowitzki said. Schroder came out in the third quarter and really put it on us.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. , left, is fouled by Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec.

Texas Rangers ace pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, donated their Missouri mansion estimated at $10 million and 100 acres of land to a charity that provides camps for children with special needs and chronic illnesses and their siblings.

Donations poured in from all over the world, with several professional athletes chipping in. Tom Brady gave $100,000, Chris Paul pitched in $50,000 and more than 200,000 people, including Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres and Drake, contributed more than $37 million to Watt's campaign.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue calls out a play against the Golden State Warriors during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jae Crowder (99) shoots over Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The rest was lost in the storm. She waits with her kids and a tiny lantern for her husband, Carlos Oliveras, to close his barber shop and return to a home with only a table, four chairs and a couple of mattresses.

Her 53-year-old daughter loaded her food and water into her car and drove off to the public housing complex where she would then have to wait with dozens of other neighbors in another line to cook on one of six gas burners in the administrator's office. Martinez, a 73-year-old cancer survivor, balanced the water atop the food and picked her way up a steep hill to the home where she lives alone, washing and wringing out her clothes by hand and locking herself in at night, afraid of robbers.

"That's got to be a very nerve-wracking experience because of how much is at stake, especially in the playoffs," Curry said. "But he handled it with composure just like the head coach would. He has that experience but he did it in a very modest way, if you will.

7, 2017, file photo, Sloane Stephens, of the United States, reacts after defeating Venus Williams, of the United States, in the semifinals of the U. Open title this summer, but this 25-stroke point against Williams might have been the gem. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) It's hard to pick one play that stood out for Sloane Stephens in her ride to the U. Open tennis tournament in New York.

It was Golden State's 12th win in 13 games after its 11-game winning streak was snapped by Denver on Saturday night. Thompson scored 24 points and Draymond Green had a triple-double with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) Los Angeles Lakers forward Corey Brewer, right, shoots around Portland Trail Blazers forward Maurice Harklessm during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec.

The year was marked by sex scandals, Russian doping and the U. Tom Brady engineered a record-breaking comeback as the New England Patriots rallied from a 28-3 deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the first Super Bowl to go into overtime and Clemson mounted a last-second comeback to beat Alabama for the national championship. failing to qualify for soccer's World Cup .

160 pounds guarding probably the MVP this year. the stuff he did down the stretch, irritating him, playing defense was special," Austin said. "So for Jawun to be a rookie, 5-foot-10, 5-11 . "Jawun was probably my favorite player tonight ." Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said after last week's 102-60 win against Long Beach State. "I guess if you were to ask me where do you want to be at Christmas: would you like to be winning games by an average of 20 points a game . Plus I'm seeing improvement. "I think I'd have taken that.

He adjusted some things he would normally, he would act a certain way to this or he would do this in his normal situations. "I think he changed himself for us, too," Iguodala said. "He's used to doing things a certain way based on his training. I think it was both sides, 'OK, Steve's out, we've got to tighten up in this area where he's lax on to help Mike out and Mike will do the same for us.

Harkless, who came in averaging 4. 4 seconds left to give Portland a 94-92 lead. 9 points, grabbed an offensive rebound, put it back while being fouled and made the free throw with 21. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope missed two 3-point tries in the final 10 seconds for the Lakers.

(AP Photo/Joel Auerbach) Miami Heat center Jordan Mickey (25) runs into New Orleans Pelicans forward Dante Cunningham (33) as he drives to the basket during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Saturday, Dec.

It showed in Wednesday's 64-point rout of Evansville, which followed an 11-day break since the loss at Boston College in the Blue Devils' Atlantic Coast Conference opener on Dec. Fourth-ranked Duke (12-1) finally got some time for practice work after a travel-filled early schedule.

An irate Lynch screamed at the sideline official after Oakland quarterback Derek Carr reached for the pylon for the go-ahead touchdown and fumbled the ball forward through the end zone. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $24,309 by the NFL for yelling at an official near the end of Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

, a pair of headlights cuts through the darkness and her husband steps out of the car. He connects an inverter to his car battery and hoists his youngest daughter, 2-year-old Yeinelis, so she can push the button that activates an LED strip donated to the family that Oliveras has secured to the front door. It casts a harsh fluorescent light over the family's nearly empty kitchen and living room.

One thing about girls' basketball, if you can do one thing well, that will get you pretty far and you can work on the rest as you go, but learn to do one thing well, whether it's shooting, passing, dribbling or defense.

If you just want your basketball for playing round the local park or courts, then an outdoor type will certainly be more durable on the tougher playing surfaces, and last longer in the long run. Indoor, outdoor and indoor/outdoor. There are 3 main types of basketball.

1 for the third straight week. 2 Michigan State (12-1) was second and had 16 first-place votes, while third-ranked Arizona State (12-0) had six first-place votes to stay ahead of No. The top four teams stayed the same in Monday's new poll , led by the Wildcats (12-0) receiving 43 of 65 first-place votes to stay at No.

A smaller backboard takes away much of the range of bank shots that could be employed in a game. A larger backboard allows the player to develop a full range of shots they could use in their game. Most high schools have a regulation-sized backboard and so a player will have a better personal practice the closer their basketball backboard comes to 72 inches wide and 42 inches high.

"I feel that this sports complex will be an incredible way for the youth of Haiti to have more opportunities to enjoy sporting competition, to further their education, to have access to healthy meals and to enjoy being around a Christian community to help further their faith," Wentz said.

The Rockets were without two starters, with center Clint Capela missing a second straight game because of a bruised left heel. The Clippers have been dealing with injuries all season after losing Beverley for the season in November and playing without All-Star Blake Griffin for the last 12 games because of a knee injury.

Leonard, who has missed 30 games this season because of right quadriceps tendinopathy, sat out to rest as part of his comeback plan. Green had tightness in his left groin. By doing so, the Spurs survived a night without All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard and starting guard Danny Green.

All electronics are connected at night to an inverter plugged to the family car battery. 21, 2017 photo, six year old Melanie Oliveras Gonzalez holds a lantern in the living room of her house in Sector Padre Ibañes, in Morovis, Puerto Rico. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

He is serving a 25-day sentence at an Orange County detention center after violating his probation on a drunken driving arrest, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. Caldwell-Pope started and had 10 points, five rebounds and four assists but was 4 for 16 and missed nine of his 10 3s.

If your player gets control of the tap at the height of the ball toss, a plus is recorded. The chart records the players involved in the jump situation, who controls the tap, and who gains ball possession. The numbers of the players jumping are recorded. If he does not get the tap, a minus is recorded. An accurate record of jump-ball situations may be obtained by the use of this chart. A plus or minus is again used to chart the team that gains ball possession.(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) The Trail Blazers won 95-92. Portland Trail Blazers center Zach Collins, left, blocks a shot by Los Angeles Lakers forward Julius Randle during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec.

Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns (32) drives against Phoenix Suns center Tyson Chandler in the first quarter during an NBA basketball game, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Ian Clark scored 19 points, Anthony Davis added 17 and the Pelicans used a big second-half run to beat the Heat 109-94 on Saturday night. Cousins had 16 points, eight assists and seven rebounds for the Pelicans, who were 15 for 25 from 3-point range and shot 53 percent overall.

Aldridge did most of his scoring in the first half, but San Antonio didn't pull away until the third quarter when the five-time All-Star had eight points. Ginobili added six points in the period, including a pair of uncontested layups.

This has not always been like that because four years ago the former regulation of a limit of transfers has been abolished. The most transfers has been recorded for the former champion K�ln 99ers (12 new arrivals) and for the Eisb�ren Bremerhaven (11 new arrivals). With a total of 265 transfers the German Basketball League moves just under the level of the past two years (2006: 275; 2007: 269).

Former world number one Tiger Woods said on Friday he has decided to end his working relationship with swing coach Chris Como, opting instead to fly solo in his latest comeback from injury. Woods, who returned to competition three weeks ago after a near 10-month layoff during which he had spinal fusion surgery, began working with Como after a forgettable 2014 season during which injuries limited him to seven official PGA Tour events, missing the cut in two.

Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky, right, drives against Milwaukee Bucks forward D. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond) Wilson in the first half of an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N.

"The personality of this team is that they play extremely hard," Gentry said. They worry about who is playing. "They really don't worry about who's not playing. Gentry, who briefly coached the Heat in 1995, still has high regard for the franchise - and lauded the way Miami has handled all its injury woes.

"Me taking a knee doesn't change the fact that I support our military, I'm a patriot and I love my country," Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said. "But I also recognize there are some social injustices in this country and today I wanted to take a knee in support of my brothers who have been doing it.

The Cavs, having won six of seven and playing for the first time since Thursday, had their run of scoring at least 100 points end at 26 games. They were 3 of 24 in the 2nd quarter, scoring 16 points with all 3s - going 0 for 17 from inside the arc.

Heat: Miami still has not had more than two consecutive home wins this season. Udonis Haslem got in for the second consecutive night and immediately made an impact, drawing three fouls in his first two minutes on the court.

The break-away design allows the rim to be slightly displaced out of the mounting mechanism attached to backboard and to snap back into place after the rim is released. Were a player to dunk sufficiently hard on a static rim, the rim could be completely torn off the backboard and the player would fall in whichever direction his or her momentum was going. These kind of problems are minimized with a break-away rim. In most high schools, the NCAA, and certainly the NBA, break-away rims are used. This features not only provides greater longevity out of the basketball system, but also provides safety for the player.

Suns: With Canaan taking his playing time, point guard Mike Smith was waived by Phoenix. Suns had their highest-scoring third quarter of the season (37) after scoring 43 in the first half. Triano needs one more victory to reach 100 as an NBA head coach. Suns erased double-digit deficits to win three of their previous four games. Phoenix didn't make a field goal until game was 5:10 old.

Kidd was named a nominee for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2018 on Thursday. Finalists will be announced during NBA All-Star Weekend in February, with the Class of 2018 unveiled at the NCAA Final Four in April.

The key play on the drive came when Keenum ran toward the line of scrimmage, backpedaled and threw a short pass to tight end David Morgan, who broke three tackles for a gain of 23. The Vikings tacked on a 20-yard field goal by Kai Forbath on the ensuing possession to extend the lead to 13-0.

Otherwise your muscles and grip will become accustomed to a certain size and weight, but when you play in a game you may end up playing with a heavier, or lighter ball and therefore your shots, passes and dribbling will be slightly off. A good reason to get the right size ball is that, if you are going to be involved in basketball league matches, then you should practice with the right size ball for that league.During a speech at a political rally in Huntsville, Alabama, in late September, Trump said, "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he's fired, he's fired.

Washington Wizards guard Jodie Meeks (20) shoots as Orlando Magic forward Wesley Iwundu (25) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec. The Wizards won 130-103. 23, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Tyreke Evans had 30 points and 11 assists, Marc Gasol had 17 points and a season-high 15 rebounds and Memphis snapped a three-game losing streak with a 115-112 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday night.

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File) 5, 2017, file photo, Hope award recipient Carlos Beltran, left, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz pose together at the Sports Illustrated 2017 Sportsperson of the Year Awards in New York. Several other major leaguers, including Yadier Molina and Enrique Hernandez, also joined in with their own campaigns. Beltran, who retired after winning the World Series with the Houston Astros, started a fundraiser to help Hurricane Maris victims in Puerto Rico by donating $1 million.

80 on $2 win bets to its backers. Cloud Computing, trained by Chad Brown and ridden by Javier Castellano, stole the race in the last half-dozen strides and paid $28. Always Dreaming and Classic Empire were the favorites going into the Preakness Stakes , the middle leg of the Triple Crown, and those two dueled most of the way - until Cloud Computing decided it was time to beat them both.

Men visited the creek at 5:30 p. They relied on a nearby creek for bathing and washing clothes. every day and women took their place a half hour later. Darkness creeps across Morovis, and 56-year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez wipes sweat from his brow as he finishes helping rebuild a home in the Barrio Patron neighborhood, where people spent two months without water after Hurricane Maria hit with winds of up to 154 mph. Water service finally returned in November. One person was designated to guard the entrance as people disrobed.

Waiters took the inbounds pass, coolly brought the ball upcourt, made a move on Klay Thompson and delivered a straightaway 3-pointer that gave the Heat a win, punctuated by his striking an arms-folded pose afterward, one that quickly became part of Heat lore. 23, 2017, file photo, Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic, left, and forward Okaro White (15) congratulate guard Dion Waiters, center, after Waiters scored a 3-pointer in the last second of an NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Kaepernick is currently out of football, and relatively few players were demonstrating this season before the president stoked his feud with the NFL . Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick initiated the protests last year to bring attention to racial inequality and police brutality against minorities.

According to Wade, his previous 20 years are defeated. However he is powerful when the match is coming. Yet he was overlooked by his father and his stepmother. Wade is a bashful guy in the usual life. He did many bad things and was caught by the police. Wade was born in Chicago's slums, and his father left his mother. If there is no basketball in his life, he will be become a beggar. When he was eight, he was sent to his father to seek a better education.

His skills to dribble and shoot the basketball and hand out assists as if he is a point guard coupled with his leaping ability that makes him rebound the ball well have been the reasons why the Cleveland Cavaliers have the best record in the Easter Conference with a 39-9 mark. However, the Cavs lost to the San Antonio Spurs in a sweep during the finals. He has been playing with the Cavs ever since he was drafted and now is in his fifth season. He led his team to the NBA finals� in 2007 after he singlehandedly beat the Detroit Pistons in the conference finals. James on the other hand, is 6-8 and weighs 250 lbs and plays the small forward position. He loved the experience of playing in the finals that he has set out to lead his team to reach it once again.

Houston Rockets forward Tarik Black, right, goes up to block the shot of Los Angeles Clippers Jawun Evans (1) during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Dec. (AP Photo/George Bridges)

Marco Belinelli scored 30 points to lead Atlanta. Atlanta, in last place in the Southeast Division, made Oklahoma City work for this one, rallying after falling behind by 16 points in the first half, and again by seven in the final minutes. Ersan Ilyasova added 22 points for the Hawks, who went 15 of 32 from 3-point range.

For some extra motivation, the team with the most baskets at the end of the drill is the winner and the losing team has to run suicide drills. Once the offense has used their seven opportunities, they will switch to playing defense and the new offense will get seven chances to score.Oklahoma City Thunder's Paul George (13) tries to keep the ball away from Atlanta's Malcolm Delaney in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Friday, Dec. (AP Photo/Kyle Phillips)

"Oladipo, gotta give the guy credit," Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said. He's one of the best players in the league right now. "He is playing elite, elite basketball. (And) they were just the more aggressive team to start the third quarter.

Atlanta Hawks' Kent Bazemore, right, reacts after being called for a foul while colliding with Dallas Mavericks' Harrison Barnes, center, in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Atlanta, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

There are those that are avid cufflink collectors who seek to have every basketball team's cufflinks, the more obvious being the Chicago Bulls, La Lakers, the Knicks, Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Many teams are required to dress formally when attending away fixtures, often wearing smart suits with their own team cufflinks. Smaller basketball teams have begun the trend of giving cufflinks to team members as mementos and a great way of showing team unity.

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team won the 2008 National Championships and like many other university basketball teams they have designed their own logo cufflinks which are a great way of actively supporting your favorite team.

"I haven't been able to assimilate everything that has happened," she says, adding that she spends most of the day bracing for darkness. Sometimes I go to places that have power and I tell my husband, 'I don't want to go back. "When night falls, you start growing anxious, depressed. Everything has changed .

The dreaded suicide drill is a strong motivational tool to get players to work hard. This drill can use either the full or half court, depending on the size and ability level of your players and how many players are practicing. Dribble Tag Dribble Tag is another beginning basketball drill that improves dribbling skills.

He said he has been getting extra work with the ball boys and interns. Caldwell-Pope is allowed to leave the Seal Beach Police Department Detention Center for practice and Lakers games in California under a work-release program, but must wear a GPS monitor outside the facility.

The mother of the man who killed himself appears on a darkened balcony surrounded by tiny, solar-powered Christmas lights and a Puerto Rico flag fluttering lightly in the breeze. Those with generators walk over to extension cords where multiple cellphones are plugged and check on the batteries' status. Neighbors around her strike matches and start lighting candles that they place in bedrooms and bathrooms, a warm if flickering glow filling their homes. Not that they use them often; cellphone service in Morovis remains spotty. it is nearly dark in Barrio Patron.

In the season of 2002-2003 they stood in the first place in the Conference USA competition with a 27-6 record. And it is the school' first appearance in the Top Four classes since winning the 1977 America championship. The most crucial thing is that he helped the players break the record of the school since 1993-1994 season. After the game, he got the name of the Topmost Team of America. In the next year he got the opportunity of entering the team, Wade and his teammates beat the opponents. And Wade is the first Marquette basketball player since 1978 to do so. And then, Wade helped the team enter the top four places.

Instead of going to college after completing high school he entered the NBA draft. During that year he put up 20. There have been only three players in NBA history to average more than 20 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds per game during their first year. His first year was one of the best rookie years in history. The Cleveland Cavaliers had the first pick overall for the draft and used it to draft him. 5 rebounds per game on average.

"But I didn't think we put up a lot of fight. "They didn't do anything strategic other than give it to their all-star players and say go one-on-one, and we're going to struggle with that for a little bit," Phoenix interim coach Jay Triano said. We addressed it at halftime and we played better in the second half, but we dug too big a whole.

Middleton led Milwaukee with 28 points and Antetokounmpo added 26. Eric Bledsoe struggled from distance, going 1 of 6, but hit 7 of 10 from the line to finish with 24 points while adding 10 assists, five rebounds and three blocked shots.

Ellington tied a career high with 28 points and set a career-best by connecting on eight 3-pointers, and the injury-ravaged Heat never trailed on the way to beating the Mavericks 113-101 - shooting 64 percent, the second-best mark in franchise history.

But Los Angeles never got off a shot in the ensuing possession. Eventually, the guards helped craft a 19-6 run, pulling the Clippers within 115-112 with 1:00 left after a 3-pointer from Williams. Memphis had its largest lead of the game with 5 minutes left, 109-93, before Austin Rivers and Williams began chipping into the advantage. After a couple missed attempts by Memphis, Doc Rivers called timeout with 21 seconds left."As much as I'd like to kind of stick to my word as far as shortening the rotation, you do what's needed to win the game. In a situation like that, guys earn minutes and some of them did that tonight. "This has been a brutal stretch - 12 games in 20 days or something crazy like that," Silas said. I was proud of the guys.

Brooklyn Nets forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (24) shoots over Indiana Pacers forward Bojan Bogdanovic (44) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Indianapolis, Saturday, Dec. The Pacers won 123-119 in overtime.

Spalding produces a backboard as small as 44 inches wide. Finally, the last thing to be considered in this article will be the size of the backboard. On regulation-sized basketball hoops, the official backboard size is 72" wide x 42" high. From this size, many smaller backboard occur on many different systems. Lifetime Products produces a backboard as small as 42 inches wide. Much like the material of the backboard, for advanced players, a bigger backboard is a better backboard.

(AP Photo/Carlos Giusti) 22, 2017 photo, 75 year old Joaquin Rivera Calderon gets up early to check out a model allusive to the birth of the baby Jesus established on the balcony of his house in Morovis, Puerto Rico. Over 30,000 residents of that mountain town wait for the restoration of electric power service, one of the last municipalities of Puerto Rico that remains completely in the dark more than three months after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The average college basketball fan would probably be surprised to learn how much our coaching staff focuses on working with players to develop them off the court, in addition to helping them improve on the court.

It won't be easy, but that's what makes it so valuable and rewarding. It's important to join a respected AAU program with a quality coach. AAU basketball is a key component for furthering your basketball career past high school. But that's not all, YOU MUST WORKOUT CONSISTENTLY throughout the off-season on your individual basketball skills. The combination of these two aspects will greatly increase your chances of earning a college basketball scholarship.

The knowledge of which players on a team are getting the most rebounds can suggest individuals who need additional work in this area and can act as an incentive to future rebounding performances by allowing competition among individuals on the team. The reverse would be true if a team is falling down on the offensive boards.

(AP Photo/Scott Threlkeld) North Carolina forward Theo Pinson (1) and Ohio State forward Jae'Sean Tate (1) battle for a rebound in the first half of an NCAA basketball game in New Orleans, Saturday, Dec.

Austin Rivers had 38 points, his second straight game setting a career high, while Williams finished with 36. DeAndre Jordan, the league's leading rebounder, had 18 boards. But no other Clippers player reached double figures.

Whether it was a human being jumping over another human being, a ridiculous kick return that will be remembered for not actually getting into the end zone, a shot that ended an epic winning streak or a diving grab that punctuated a Super Bowl comeback for all time, this year was filled with plenty of plays that are likely forever etched on those who got to see them happen.

Willie Cauley-Stein added 22 points and 11 rebounds, and Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 15 for the Kings, who were coming off back-to-back road wins over Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Buddy Hield had 24 points to pace Sacramento.

This has to do with respect for our country. But he pushed back against the suggestion that his critique could inflame racial tensions, arguing: "This has nothing to do with race. In addition to the protests, some players and coaches locked arms in a show of unity, which Trump said was a display of "solidarity" of which he approved.

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar) Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) drives to the basket past Golden State Warriors guard Patrick McCaw during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif.

5, 2017, file photo, New England Patriots' Tom Brady raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in overtime at the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston. In a season that included his suspension for "Deflategate," Tom Brady engineers record-breaking comeback as Patriots defeat Falcons in first-ever Super Bowl overtime as one of the biggest sports stories in 2017 for the AP. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, File)

Nearly 1,000 homes across Morovis lost their roofs and 90 percent of residents have not received federal assistance, Mayor Carmen Maldonado says. She expects it will be several more months before power returns to the entire town. Overall, more than 200,000 homes were damaged in Puerto Rico by the storm, whose destruction will cost an estimated $95 billion to repair.

Brooklyn Nets forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (24) shoots over Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner (33) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Indianapolis, Saturday, Dec. The Pacers won 123-119 in overtime.If help comes, just look (to pass) in the corners. "Yeah, that (early) layup might be the reason that I started going, and I was just aggressive and attacked Nowitzki and their big guards," Schroder said. "Nowitzki is kind of slow now, getting older, and that works for me to be aggressive.

Miami and Kentucky both fell nine spots to Nos. 15 and 16 in the biggest slides of the week after the Hurricanes lost to New Mexico State in the Diamond Head Classic and the Wildcats lost to UCLA in the CBS Sports Classic in New Orleans.

Atlanta is 4-1 when he scores 30 or more points. 6 percent and rang up 31 assists, but it wasn't enough to overcome Schroder, who tied his career highs for field goals (13 of 22) and 3-pointers (4 of 8).

Try to guard him closely and he might race by the defender. Give him space, and he could knock down a 3-pointer. The Hawks' defensive options on the final play were somewhat limited by Westbrook's skill set, Budenholzer said.

Josh Richardson scored 24 points on 11-of-14 shooting and Tyler Johnson finished with 19 points for Miami. Ellington shot 10 of 16 from the field and hit a career-high eight 3-pointers, including four in the fourth quarter.

Bryant scored 61 points in the match against the New York Knicks. It is amazing then that fans at the Madison Square Garden were treated to these two players outstanding talents. Bernard King of the Knicks previously owned the record at 60, done in December 25, 1984. Jordan held second place at 55. He established the record of scoring the highest points in a game in MSG by a visiting player at that.

Among them are speed skaters Ivan Skobrev, a two-time medalist at the Vancouver 2010 Games, and Artem Kuznetcov. The International Olympic Committee said on Friday it had banned 11 Russian athletes for life after they committed doping offences at the 2014 Sochi winter games.

This team's not perfect and we've got a lot of room to grow. "We've just got to do a better job at home. "We've got to figure it out," Oladipo said. But we're figuring it out. We're less comfortable at home than we are on the road, honestly.

Isaiah Cannon had 15 points and nine assists off the bench for Phoenix in just his fifth game joining the team. Warren scored 24 points for the Suns, in their ninth and probably final game before Devin Booker returns from injury. Troy Daniels added 18 for the Suns, including 6 of 12 3-pointers.

" His angry call to fire players who didn't stand for the national anthem rekindled both the national debate over the issue and the movement itself. DENVER (AP) - President Donald Trump couldn't stand NFL players kneeling in protest during "The Star-Spangled Banner.

"I think we're getting younger," Ginobili joked. We try to blend in with the young guys. Tony's been good since he's been back and Pau played a terrific game. "Of course I'm getting older, and Tony and Pau maybe.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton, right, shoots over Charlotte Hornets guard Treveon Graham in the first half of an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

"With his speed and explosion, it's tough to get into him from that far away from the basket," Budenholzer said. He's done it a lot of times and he did it tonight, so you tip your cap to him and you've just got to take it. "When he's attacking and getting downhill, that's not easy. So when he pulls up from three or four feet behind the 3-point line, no doubt he's capable of doing it.

Following on from this tradition has shown that many universities will design cufflinks for their alumni, like the famous Harvard sweatshirt, signature cufflinks will often be passed onto family members as keepsakes and a memory of good times had. Apart from logos, basketball cufflinks do come in other designs, some featuring silver basketballs, basketball courts and hoops all of which are great ways to show your support of the game.

I got to be prepared to play and make plays for everybody including myself. I feel like whenever we guard as a team we share the ball but whenever I need to shoot it I have to. "I feel like I am in a rhythm right now. "I don't like to lose," Butler said.

2 percent) in the second. Golden State went 13 for 24 (54. Pachulia missed his sixth straight game and seventh in eight, while Livingston sat out his third in a row. Shaun Livingston (sore right knee) and Zaza Pachulia (left shoulder soreness) were still out for Golden State. Warriors: Durant went 12 for 13 at the line - making his first seven - to go over the 1,000 mark for career free throws.

That giving approach is just part of Brown's generous nature, and as the defending champions host LeBron James and Cleveland on Christmas Day, everyone will remember exactly what he did to help guide Golden State to a second title in three years last June filling in for ailing coach Steve Kerr. Brown coached the Warriors for 11 postseason contests - all wins - including Game 1 of the Finals against the Cavaliers team he once led.With eight German basketball championships, five triumphs at the BBL-Cup and the victory at the Korac Cup in 1995, ALBA Berlin counts as one of the most successful clubs in the German basketball history. At the last coming together of the two teams, ALBA Berlin won over the reigning cup winner with a final score of 69:84 at the Artland-Arena in Quakenbr�ck. The first game of this year�s season reminds us of the last game of the past season because the two teams from ALBA Berlin and Artland Dragons will face each other again.

Atlanta Hawks' Ersan Ilyasova, top, of Turkey, shoots against Dallas Mavericks' Maximilian Kleber, of Germany, in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Atlanta, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Buggs then lined up and hit a 3-pointer to put Hawaii ahead, 13-12. Brocke Stepteau nearly lost the dribble a few times while dribbling across the lane, but managed to get off a pass to Jack Purchase, who, in one motion, caught and redirected a one-handed, behind-the-back pass to Drew Buggs on the left wing. Hawaii took its first lead with 11:53 left in the first half in wild fashion.

He said it was one the most pleasant experiences he's gone through as a coach because the guys were so locked in making sure everything was fine. They got a veteran guy that has great relationships with the players and is a really good basketball coach. "He's had a lot of success in this league, he's been a Coach of the Year in this league so it wasn't like they were getting a guy that was wet around the ears. The players are really locked in for team success, but I thought Mike did a great job of managing the games and the rotations," Gentry said. "It's a great atmosphere there.

These cufflinks allow you to support your favorite basketball team or sport and can be a great icebreaker at cocktail parties or other social events. In addition to the more traditional and conservative steel, gold and silver cufflinks, novelty and signature cufflinks are proving to be very popular.

It gives the visual tool of what they are doing right and wrong. Renard: That is one of the hardest things to teach, but what I try to do is have segments of practice where we walk through a lot of scenarios and I explain it. The other way is film. Nowadays it's so easy to get games and practices on film. From coach to coach, it's easy to talk about the game, but when you're talking to a middle school person about basketball you have to remember they might not be able to visualize everything so having film is good, and taking the time to walk-through stuff is good also.

"They're the main guys on this team so the fact he wants to see me play with them more is a good sign for me in the future," Bell said of Kerr, who loves the rookie's instincts and wants him to keep learning at this level.

They showed why they're a good team," Hawaii coach Eran Ganot said. I think they made some changes to take us out of our offensive rhythm, which kind of carried over into our defensive half . "I'm disappointed in our defensive effort in the second half. They dictated the game in the second half.

(AP Photo/Tyler Drabek) Oklahoma guard Trae Young celebrates after a fast-break basket against Northwestern during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in Norman, Okla.

After he played last season with the French club Paris Levallois, he will now join the German team EWE Baskets from Oldenburg. Along with Jacobsen we will also get back the Newcomer of the year 2006, Je�Kel Foster. Foster was not only Newcomer of the year but he was also appointed into the All-Star-Team.

New Mexico State won 63-54. (11) and Ja'Quan Newton (0) during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against New Mexico State at the Diamond Head Classic tournament, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner) 23, 2017, in Honolulu. Miami coach Jim Larranaga, right, talks with guards Bruce Brown Jr.

Brett Hundley, making his eighth start for Rodgers, was ineffective, going 17 of 40 for 130 yards and two interceptions. He wasn't helped by a handful of drops, a makeshift offensive line and the lack of two of the team's top weapons.

The Rockets honored Beverley with a tribute video during a timeout in the first quarter. When it was done the home crowd greeted him with a standing ovation and he stood and waved to the fans. The video featured many of his highlights from his five years in Houston and Beverley beamed as he watched it from the Clippers bench.

You might have played with a Baden basketball at your local basketball club and liked the weight and how it felt in your hand, and therefore want to buy one of your own, you might be a big BBL fan and want a Molten GG7 basketball to play like the pros, or you might be a huge NBA fan, and therefore want to go with the big US brand, Spalding.

The Tar Heels (11-2) were coming off last weekend's win at No. It was a performance that left coach Roy Williams criticizing "bad movement, bad defense, bad coaching" for a team he described as "fat and happy" - and it overshadowed the good news that Pittsburgh graduate transfer Cameron Johnson finally made his season debut after missing the first 11 games because of injuries. 21 Tennessee when they turned in a clunker of a performance against the Terriers, from being sloppy with the ball to struggling for consistent defensive stops and offensive flow.Paul is listed as day to day and the team doesn't think the injury is serious. Nene started in place of Capela and had three points and two rebounds. Rockets: Gordon added 28 points and made six 3-pointers. This injury comes after he missed 14 games early this season with a knee injury.

"It's great to have Draymond back after his absence. I don't think we win that game without Andre and Draymond," Kerr said. He brings an energy to the game that otherwise was lacking last game.

This can only be achieved through research and being able to read the numbers right. This is the total entertainment game for people who are huge fans of sports like basketball, who like watching NBA, like reading up on statistics and who like the competition. Welcome to the wonderful world of fantasy basketball. Playing fantasy basketball is basically about picking and getting the right draft to win.

Coming off a tremendous defensive effort in a 102-85 win at Portland on Friday night, the Nuggets were even better less than 24 hours later, harassing Warriors stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson into a combined 12-for-38 shooting, including 1-for-15 on 3-pointers.

's straightaway 3-pointer and capped a 9-0 run a few minutes later with Lonnie Walker IV's layup off an assist from Brown that stretched their lead to 57-44. The Hurricanes went on an 11-1 run to take a 48-39 lead following Bruce Brown Jr.

As for Miami, the Hurricanes (10-1) beat Hawaii in Friday's Diamond Head first round in Honolulu but lost to New Mexico State in the semifinal. A win would've sent the Hurricanes into a Christmas Day title game against USC, which was ranked earlier this season.

President Donald Trump's feud with the NFL about players kneeling during the national anthem is the runaway winner for the top sports story of 2017 in balloting by AP members and editors. 10, 2017, file photo, San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers' Eli Harold (57), Eric Reid (35) and Marquise Goodwin (11) kneel during the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, in Houston.

" Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas said. "So, as a man, as a father, as an African-American man, as somebody in the NFL and one of those 'sons of bitches,' yeah, I took it personally. , that's what you're concerned about, my man? You're the leader of the free world and this is what you're talking about? "It just amazes me with everything else going on in this world, especially involving the U.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) and forward Draymond Green (23) argue a call with referee Derrick Stafford (9) during the first half against the Cleveland Cavaliers of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Miami Heat guard Wayne Ellington (2) shoots under pressure from Dallas Mavericks guard Devin Harris (34) in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game, Friday, Dec. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

Gay spent the past 3½ seasons in Sacramento but declined the Kings' attempt to re-sign him in the offseason. Gay had seven points on 3-of-8 shooting with four rebounds in his first game against his former team.

Harden led Houston with five points during a 10-3 run to cut the lead to 108-106 with about 4 1/2 minutes left. Williams made three 3-pointers in just over a minute to power a 9-2 run and the Clippers, who trailed by as many as 15 points in the first half, were up by nine after a dunk by Sam Dekker with about seven minutes remaining.

Unfortunately, high school basketball has taken a backseat to AAU. More practices, better team chemistry, deeper understanding of basketball concepts, community involvement, representing your school, etc. In general, high school does offer a better environment to grow as a basketball player (depending on the coach).

Brown has a do-for-others nature and as the Warriors host Cleveland on Christmas Day everyone will remember exactly what he did to help guide Golden State to a second title in three years last June as he filled in for ailing head coach Steve Kerr. FILE - In this June 1, 2017, file photo, Golden State Warriors interim head coach Mike Brown answers questions during a news conference after Game 1 of basketball's NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

He has been awarded the Most Valuable Player award on two occasions and was voted NBA Rookie of the Year after his first season. He has been playing in the National Basketball Association since 2003. He is also a six time All-Star and in those games twice won the Most Valuable Player award. He also has been announced to the All-NBA team six years and two years has been named to the All-Defensive team. In the years since then he has been awarded numerous accolades for his performance.

Atlanta Hawks' Taurean Prince, center, shots between Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki, left, of Germany, and Harrison Barnes in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Atlanta, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/David Goldman)If you think that you need to change your line up, do it fast and do it at the beginning of the season. Fantasy basketball is about the numbers but a small factor to winning is also following your gut. Start checking free agents if you have to.

Atlanta Hawks' Dennis Schroder, right, of Germany, shoots over Dallas Mavericks' Maximilian Kleber, also of Germany, in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Atlanta, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

After the Hawks pulled within 51-43, Oklahoma City went on a 13-5 run and led 64-50 at halftime. The Thunder dominated the second quarter. They broke a 28-28 tie with a 14-2 run to start the quarter, with Raymond Felton and George each hitting two 3-pointers.

Washington Wizards forward Mike Scott (30) drives to the basket past Orlando Magic forward Marreese Speights (5) during the second half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)p The Wizards won 130-103. 23, 2017, in Washington.

Does it utilize head to head scoring? Choose a draft pick based on which the league prefers. Each fantasy football league has different rules and orientation. Do they give importance to assists? If yes, that means you have to choose players with high field goal percentage.

He then used the next 10 checks to launch a charitable initiative that encourages people to make donations to improve equal education opportunities. The veteran player gave his first six game checks to provide two scholarships for students in Charlottesville, Virginia. Eagles defensive end Chris Long donated in a big way this year by playing for free.

Miami head coach Jim Larranaga calls a play while his team plays Hawaii during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game at the Diamond Head Classic tournament, Friday, Dec. 22, 2017, in Honolulu. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner)

(AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer) Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum, right, dribbles past Denver Nuggets forward Trey Lyles during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Portland, Ore.

The Mavericks look like a team with enough talent to be better than 9-25, and they seem to know it. Their defense is a problem, however, and that explained much of Saturday's result. 8 percent and went 10 of 24 from 3-point range.

I had the chance to read a book by Lon Kruger and DJ Allen named: "The X's and O's of Success". I love the christmas break time right now, because it allows me time to think, reflect, and re-direct my basketball energy on new subjects like books and dvds.

The president's feud with the NFL is the runaway winner for the top sports story of 2017 in balloting by AP members and editors, easily outdistancing the corruption scandal engulfing college basketball and the Houston Astros winning their first World Series and lifting the spirits of a city devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Many basketball systems have a fixed-height design and so younger players would have no choice but to wait to grow tall and strong enough to have the ball reach the rim. This waiting period wastes many useful years the player could be developing their shot. While standard height of a basketball system is to have the rim set at 10 ft. , most beginning players will find this high of a rim to be very difficult to practice their shot. Lower-end basketball hoops from Lifetime Products and Spalding feature height adjustments down to a 7. Because of this problem, many systems today feature height-adjustable rims.

Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, James Johnson and Justise Winslow all remained out with various injuries, Rodney McGruder and Okaro White are likely not returning anytime soon, and now Waiters is ailing again. Miami guard Dion Waiters left in the first quarter after turning his long-problematic left ankle on a drive, meaning the Heat now have seven players dealing with injuries.

But Charlotte, which missed its first six shots from the field in the third quarter, stormed back to take the lead with 3:46 left in the game after Howard backed down Henson in the lane and scored on a 3-point play and Marvin Williams converted two free throws.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)p Portland Trail Blazers forward Maurice Harkless celebrates after scoring against the Los Angeles Lakers during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. The Trail Blazers won 95-92.

"I think he put out a video where he dunked yesterday, maybe the rims were low. He did that the other day," Lue said. The most important thing is that he is getting to practice and playing 5-on-5 and having a chance to experience feeling well after it and not having soreness. Just seeing him jump was a good sign. 11, including 8-3 on the road. He is feeling a lot better. Cleveland is 19-3 since Nov. "He is progressing very well. Cavaliers: Lue isn't yet ready to guess when Thomas will return following his right hip injury.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Josh Hart, right, collides with Portland Trail Blazers guard Pat Connaughton during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)5, 2017, file photo, New England Patriots' Julian Edelman (11) makes a catch as Atlanta Falcons' Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal defend, during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game in Houston. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) Down by eight points with about two minutes left in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots needed all the heroics they could get, and Julian Edelman delivered.

The type of mistakes to be charted will depend on the type of team defense played and must be ascertained by the individual coach. A record of mistakes made both by the team defense and by individual defensive players is useful and can aid in determining areas needed for work in practice.

FILE - In this May 20, 2017, file photo, Cloud Computing, left, ridden by Javier Castellano, left, wins 142nd Preakness Stakes horse race ahead of Classic Empire (5), with Julien Leparoux aboard, at Pimlico race course in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File) Always Dreaming and Classic Empire were the favorites going into the Preakness Stakes, the middle leg of the Triple Crown, and those two dueled most of the way, until Cloud Computing decided it was time to beat them both.

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